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I'll Reveal to You the Free-to-Play Methods That I Used to Accu

  • This is the amount of gold I had before I upgraded my carving, which means that I have obtained approximately 680000 gold before spending any of my gold. Before I spent any of my gold, I had this amount of gold. In the ensuing content, I will demonstrate that to you as best I can. Over the past two to three weeks, I have been conducting a large number of experiments because you have probably noticed that the price of many items on the market, including the reputation bag, is rising sharply. It would appear that at least some of these experiments were successful. The first inquiry is about the pattern, more specifically about what pattern I am noticing, as well as what I do on a daily basis. mainly because of the antiquated equipment, as well as the various shifts in the ways that people may consume gold. Even if there is a decline in the market, prices will begin to fall. This is a certainty. As a direct consequence of this, the market goes down. I have faith in your ability to use these strategies to both increase your income and create innovative trends, and I look forward to seeing the results of your efforts.

    I just wanted to make a quick update to the gold production guide before we continue any further into it

    1. When you log in to the game, you might notice that I do not have a particularly high number of kills

    2. In addition, you might get a notification about the approaching robot bank at the same time

    3. This is excellent news because at that time I have to wait for several hours, just like you do when you log in to the game, so this is very similar to what happens

    4. As a result of this,