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They are available in all of the same sizes shapes and configur

  • Typically, nonferrous aluminum fittings are made of cast aluminum.

    They are available in all of the same sizes, shapes, and configurations as steel fittings. Caps and nipples made of aluminum threaded fittings are available, as are fittings that combine threaded and butt weld connection styles in a single piece. There are also socket weld options available. Welding aluminum fittings is typically accomplished using a MIG or TIG process.

    When it comes to handrails, aluminum Lap joint pipe flanges is a popular choice. A wide variety of fittings for structural applications are available, including weldable and slip-on/clamp-on varieties.

    It is possible to purchase brass Blind pipe flanges nipples in various sizes that correspond to  diameters, and these are frequently assembled by soldering or brazing.

    Concrete is a type of material used to build things.

    Pipe fittings made of concrete are available in a variety of styles that are appropriate for their use in large civil projects such as storm-water control. Utility hole portals and various styles of vaults are among the specialized fittings available in addition to the standard wye connections. Connections with shouldered ends on the fittings that mate with counterparts on the receiving pipes are common in the plumbing industry. A rubber gasket ensures that the joint is completely leakproof.


    Plastics are a type of material that is used to make things.

    Generally speaking, plastic threaded pipe flange fittings are available in two styles: socket weld (also known as solvent weld) and threaded, with the socket weld style being the more common. Due to the fact that socket weld fittings are designed to be chemically welded in place, installation is quick and straightforward to complete. Because the solvent used to connect plastic pipes is particularly fast-acting, it is common practice to dry fit the pipes before marking them. The majority of the time, couplings are used to connect and join straight lengths of pipe together.

    In addition to standard shapes and styles, fittings are available in the dimensional size ranges that are common to plastic pipe, including PVC, polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene (PP), and ABS.