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Preparing for the design of your cosmetics box packaging

  • You are now ready to begin packaging your cosmetic product in a cosmetic box! We covered all of the fundamentals and details in this guide to make the process as simple as possible. Let's review what we've learned so far:It must be well designed in order to attract attention and elicit a positive response from consumers. For those of you who do not have access to a designer, here is a list of companies to which you can outsource your graphic design for a cosmetic box:

    1. Get your cosmetic box packaging ready by following these steps:An evaluation of your product's cosmetic box packaging requirements in order to determine what your options are and which cosmetic box packaging solution would be the most appropriate for your product.

    Box Dimensions: Box dimensions are critical to the success of any packaging project. We've included a video that walks you through the process of measuring the inner and outer dimensions of your box.

    3. Product custom makeup palette packaging: Which type of product cosmetic box packaging will you choose, and why, is the third question.

    Fourth, we explain the differences between digital, offset, and flexography printing in the simplest terms so that you can gain a better understanding and determine which printing option is best for your project.

    5. Coatings and Special Processes: A wide range of coatings and special processes can be applied to provide additional protection and a unique design touch!

    6. Cosmetic box packaging design: A well-designed cosmetic box distributors packaging will attract the attention of consumers and elicit a positive response from them. We've thrown in a couple of resources to assist you in getting started.

    7. Dieline and Artwork Preparation and Requirements: A dieline is a blueprint that is used to manufacture the final product, and it must be accurate. The dieline library and artwork preparation protocols we provide will get you up and running quickly.

    8. Prototyping: If you have a large order, request a prototype to confirm the structure and printing for final production before proceeding with the order. You can choose between requesting a sample box or a 3D mockup of your product.

    9) Production and Shipping: Your account manager will keep you informed about the progress of the production and shipping processes, ensuring that your cosmetic box packaging is completed on time.

    Coating with Paper

    When applied properly, a coating can be used to complete the appearance while also providing additional cosmetic box packaging protection and improving the print quality.

    Due to its ability to produce both a matte and glossy finish, lamination (both matte and glossy) is the best of both worlds in terms of aesthetics. Matte finishes have no sheen, whereas gloss finishes have a noticeable sheen. In addition, gloss lamination provides superior protection against moisture and dust when compared to matte lamination.

    This clear, water-based coating has the ability to dry quickly due to its water-based composition. Because it is environmentally friendly, it is an excellent choice for food, household products, and fast-consuming products. If you compare it to UV coating and lamination, it has a very slight gloss finish.

    UV Coating can achieve a similar appearance to lamination, with the difference being that UV can be applied directly to the material (rather than through a protective film, as with lamination).

    While varnish is the most cost-effective of the coating types available, it is also the least effective in terms of durability. It can also create coating effects such as matte, gloss, and other variations. Out of the four options, this is the least popular.

    Let's not forget about coatings such as metallic, pearlescent, and soft-touch (velvet) finishes. Moreover, when it comes to giving their  packaging a distinctive design edge, these specialty coatings have become increasingly popular among brands.

    Special Surface Treatments

    If you want to improve the appearance and feel of your cosmetic box packaging and make it more impactful, you can use special processes to create a more eye-catching unboxing experience.

    To give your magnetic makeup palette packaging a distinctive look, you can incorporate foil stamping into the design process. If you're looking to incorporate any metallic, matte gloss, holographic, or special effects elements into your design, foil stamping may be the answer.

    Spot UV coating is similar to UV coating in that it is applied to a specific area of the cosmetic box packaging rather than coating the entire surface of the box packaging.

    The use of embossing can help to give your cosmetic box packaging a more 3D appearance and feel more substantial. It is the process of pressing text or an image into card stock or paper in order to raise it to the surface of the material.

    A depressed impression is created on card stock or paper surfaces when embossing is used in the opposite direction of embossing.

    The addition of window patching to your  packaging is recommended if you have a visually appealing product that deserves to be on display!