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The weight of acrylic material is only half that of glass when

  • Why is it more expensive to have a custom acrylic display stand made? If the only difference between a display stand of the same size is the type of material used, why is there such a large price difference between them? Maolin will provide you with an explanation of the reasons:

    Custom acrylic display stands are widely used in a variety of commercial settings, including shopping malls, cosmetics exclusive stores, retail stores, and other similar establishments. Display stands that are customized are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. In fact, Large acrylic sheets is their advantages that have led to their acceptance by both merchants and customers in commercial establishments worldwide. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of custom acrylic display stands as well as their uses in various industries.

    Obviously, cost is the most important consideration that cannot be overlooked. The term "cost" in this context refers primarily to labor and material costs. Increasing labor costs in the production of acrylic display stand manufacturers is becoming more and more prevalent as the current economic level continues to rise, and rising wages for workers are also destined to increase the amount of labor costs allocated to the production of products. Regarding materials, different drawing sizes and material requirements necessitate the use of a variety of hardware and lighting fixtures as well as different decorative and structural materials. The price difference between acrylic display stands and other display stands is also due to the difference in materials.

    Second, acrylic display stands have excellent weather resistance as well as superior acid-base resistance abilities to offer. Even after many years of use, the appearance of high-quality acrylic material will not fade or yellow as easily as it would with other materials. First and foremost, the appearance is stunning. Clear acrylic material has a high degree of transparency as well as a pure and shiny appearance. In addition to being fashionable and attractive in appearance, colored acrylic material has a long shelf life. Even gradient color effect acrylic material has appeared on the market in recent years, with a variety of colors to choose from. Nowadays, acrylic material is available in a wider range of colors and styles, allowing for a wide range of color variations in custom acrylic display stands. Custom display stands that are bright and eye-catching have become increasingly popular in recent years.

    Installation fees and transportation costs are the two most significant cost factors that influence the price of acrylic products, respectively. In most cases, putting up display stands in shopping malls involves a race against the clock. The installation work performed by the installer is extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the installation cost remains high, with the installation cost of the complex display rack being even more expensive than the average installation cost. Acrylic display rack manufacturers typically ship their products to merchant stores via cargo transportation. Costs associated with logistics are unavoidable. As for the difficulty level, Acrylic mirror sheet is determined by the disparity between regions.

    Some customers are distinct from the vast majority of products available on the market because their products are designed and manufactured by them, and products from different brands are also very different from one another. It will be necessary to customize the acrylic display stand at this point, which will result in an increase in personnel costs, as well as the requirement of an experienced appearance designer and structural designer. Various molds will need to be cut during the production process, which will raise the cost of some items. If acrylic rods is not custom-made, purchase some popular display racks instead, as they will be less expensive.