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Bug Fix for NBA 2K22 the Come Up - Toe the Line Quest in the ga



    Another bug for NBA 2k22 has surfaced on the Come Up – Toe the Line quest, necessitating the creation of yet another quest bug fix for the game. This bug is preventing players from progressing through the game's early stages. The bug is that it keeps referring to players as starters, despite the fact that they are already in the game. This can be extremely frustrating for those who want to move forward with their My Career. Continue reading to learn about a possible quest bug fix for the Come Up – Toe the Line in 2k22 MT for sale: Toe the Line.



    The Come Up Toe the Line quest bug is causing significant delays in progress. In order to advance in the quest, you must "play NBA games and meet your updated objectives to become a starter."This frequently occurs even when they are already a part of the game's starting lineup."It's time for your next NBA game," Buy MT 2K22 Xbox Series tells them over and over again."Show up and demonstrate that you deserve to be a starter."



    After that, return to Graves' office and speak with him again. It's possible that this will help you progress further in your quest. The achievement of a predetermined number of highlight plays in a single game is another option. It is possible that scoring more than 40 points in two games will result in a quest bug fix.

    If you're experiencing the Come Up – Toe the Line glitch, you're not on your own.2K is aware of the problem and is currently working on a quest bug fix. There has been no indication of when this will be completed, and it is unclear whether they will be addressing other issues first. Keep checking back for all the latest news and information on NBA 2K22, as well as guides and advice.