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New world designs and a role-playing guide have been released

  • New World is an MMO that deviates from the traditional formula in a number of ways, but that does not rule out the possibility of some similarities between it and other MMOs. The traditional MMO role trifecta of tank, DPS, and healer will still apply, despite the fact that there will be no specific class to choose from and your character can be customized to play however you want.

    New World is becoming increasingly popular, and as a result, we are beginning to see the meta evolve, with certain builds becoming more dominant, at least for the foreseeable future. This section contains the most popular New World builds for each role, so if you need a little assistance getting started on your buy new world gold adventure, you'll find it right here.

    Tanks in New World rely on their ability to control the flow of battle to save their party members from harm, just as they do in other MMOs. This new world coins tank build is titled "The Faithful Tank," and new world coins is centered around two main objectives: taunting enemies into attacking you, and using your abilities to prevent enemies from moving around too much.

    Shield Bash, Defiant Stand, and Shockwave, combined with Shield Rush, Path of Destiny, and Armor Breaker, will allow you to keep the enemies' attention on you while also preventing them from fleeing the scene. Put on some heavy armour and a warhammer, and you'll quickly establish yourself as a valuable tank in any party.

    The best DPS build for the New World

    The Axe Man is a fantastic build that excels at dealing damage, whether through critical hits or by utilizing berserker talents to go wild and annihilate the opposition.

    This New World DPS build is suitable for use in both groups and solo play in New World. In a group, you'll be able to position yourself behind enemies and deal massive amounts of damage to them with your great axe through buy NW gold. If you choose the right passive abilities, you can even heal yourself while dealing damage, which will aid in the management of the stress levels of your healer.

    When playing solo, you'll have to rely on your berserk rage for survival. In addition, when you're angry, you'll be virtually unstoppable. Wear medium armour to improve your dodges, and a hatchet to make the most of your berserker abilities to their full potential.

    Build the Best new world gold Healer You Can!

    One of the most popular  healer builds is simply titled "Support Healer," and it is one of the most versatile. This build will be focused on two weapons: the life staff and the hatchet, both of which will be used extensively.

    Any healer will be familiar with the concept of a life staff, which allows you to keep your friends alive for a longer period of time. With the  life staff build, you'll be able to use skills such as Sacred Protection and Sacred Ground to buff the health of your party members while also deploying area of effect heals. As your specialization progresses, you'll discover that many of your heals also buff your companions, making you an extremely valuable asset.

    In your role as the hatchet, you'll be well-positioned to hurl debuffs at your opponents, throwing them off their game and increasing your team's survivability and damage. In addition, you'll be able to apply damage over time effects, diseases, and slow effects to your opponents, all of which can add up to a very bad time for them.

    The most effective New World PvP build

    The final build we'll be looking at today is the one that will be used for PvP in New World. The Duelist Ice Gauntlet Rapier build is currently trending, as it combines devastating ice attacks to harry your opponent with quick rapier slashes that keep you constantly on the move to defeat your adversary.

    The Ice Magic skills you learn will allow you to deploy area-of-attack ice abilities that deal damage over time while also having a slowing effect. If you've ever participated in PvP in an MMO, you're well aware that being slowed can be a death sentence for almost any character.

    The rapier is the other side of this build, and it focuses on attacks that cause you to leap through the air or gain movement buffs as a result of them. This means you'll be much more difficult to target and take down, and you'll be able to evade enemy attacks with relative ease. Additionally, rapier skills allow you to enter a defensive stance, which increases your survivability even more than before!