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Show off your design skills on Thanksgiving Day courtesy of ACN



    The day of Thanksgiving has arrived.
    While everyone was enjoying Turkey Day, Animal Crossing: New Horizons introduced a slew of new designs. During this time, players are free to express themselves fully through their design abilities. It has truly influenced the creation of each and every one of us. We have the ability to alter every aspect of the world in which we live, from the island's structure to the appearance of our characters. Individuals have used the custom clothing app to express themselves in one of the most expressive ways possible.

    You must download and install the Custom Design application for a phone in order to be able to create or add ACNH Buy Items to your account. Next, upgrade the Custom Design application on your Pro Design application to the most recent version. If you have the Pro Design app unlocked, it is simple to begin designing clothes on your own phone once you have done so. If you want to download clothes that have been created by others, you should ask Able Sisters to open a store for that purpose.


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