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The act of creating art itself can help to cultivate positivity

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    The uplifting following that Lyubomir has built on Instagram is important to him. He says he has "managed to build a really positive society on Instagram" and that his followers are "always so encouraging and kind."

    Lyubomir's relationship with social media piqued our interest, so we asked him to elaborate on what these platforms mean to him as an artist in his artistic practice. According to Lyubomir, social media represents a window of opportunity. His comments on social media include, "As a person from a small country, social media has completely transformed my life, and I will be eternally grateful."A further point of reference to the potential dangers of social media was made by the speaker who stated that “there are people with bad intentions” on the platform. However, in accordance with Lyubomir's positive philosophy, he asserts that this fact "doesn't have to prevent anyone who decides to show themselves and their hobbies from doing so."

    In case you didn't know, Bulgaria is the small country that Lyubomir refers to as his home country.

    As evidenced by his Instagram portfolio, it is clear that Lyubomir incorporates elements of pop culture and fashion into his artwork, so we inquired as to why. His response was as follows:

    « Fashion exudes individuality, and I have always been intrigued by people who can express themselves through their choice of clothing and accessories. »The characters who are so confident in their own style and can make any piece of clothing look so fly” are always an inspiration for me in my work.