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Lost ark VALTAN Guide: Gate 2

  • Let's talk about gate 2, but before cheap lost ark gold do, I'd like to take a moment to remind you, as is customary, that I'm really on twitter, where you can find me and ask any questions you might have. Anyway, let's get the fight started as soon as possible. These towers will be visible to you on the map. In total, there are four towers, and each of the four towers contains two blue towers. The first attack Voltaire will use is a quick charge attack. Your objective is to guide them all the way into the tower.

    In the meantime, the leaders of the party should start bombarding Bolton with corrosive bombs in order to get him ready for the impending destructive inspection. If you hit the tower after the voting charge, you will be brought down from the tower. At this point, the other members of your party should continue to use their destruction skills and the bombs they have in order to repel Bolton's armor. The blue sphere will crash to the ground at the same time as the other spheres. Each member of the team is responsible for claiming one of Bolton's remaining 130 lifelines. Your objective is to destroy the life on line 130 using both volt and armor, but EU Central Kadan Lost Ark Gold must also ensure that every member of your team has a sphere buff on you. This will allow your teammates to deal damage to you via email whenever the upcoming mechanic on line 130 votes, and it will allow you to immediately avoid the massive attack that you require.

    Because of this, if you are unsure whether or not your entire team is capable of performing mechanical training, then each member of your team needs to successfully dodge the upcoming attack and have a blue ball and light yellow on their body in order to survive. However, using Balfour is a good choice, especially for puck, because it completely skips the whole process, which also means that you don't have to take the ball or worry about the ball, because the whole thing takes care of itself. He will leap to his feet and immediately begin hurling axes at the arena. Running in circles is the easiest way to avoid him, but it is important to keep in mind that he will also make a significant area-of-effect attack. You have to perform a dodging maneuver at the edge of the arena, but you can only do so when the edge is open. This means that he has to attack it first. The next significant robot will have approximately 110 horsepower. After Voltaire makes his way to the center of the pizza and launches another assault on it, the scene will transition into a rapid-fire one.

    On the map, these pillars will be created automatically. Every one of your players needs to hide behind the pillars and stay away from the center of the arena, but one of your players will be prevented from doing so because a red cone of Bolton will be blocking their path. It is up to him to steer the red cone away from the other player and then make a hasty retreat behind the column at the very last second. Although you can also stop using time after leaving the red area, the same attack will take place as soon as you leave the red area again, unless you don't have to hide behind the pillar this time, unless when the pillar is hit by the red cone, they will explode from the pillar hit first, so be careful. Unless you don't have to hide behind the pillar this time, unless when the pillar is hit by the red cone, they will explode from the pillar hit firstAfter increasing his horsepower to 90, Bolton will first spin attack, then reproduce the pillar in the same manner as before, and finally jump up and destroy a section of the map.

    After the initial wave of pillars, you have to take cover behind one of them; after that, he will perform the same Red King Kong attack. Er, an attack against a party member must also keep it away from other party members, and once it does that, the pillar will begin to explode, as you have seen before. Around 60 bar is where EU Central Kadan Lost Ark Gold can expect to see the next significant mechanic take place. Spread out, pay attention to a brief questing will, and then compete against each other because he will jump back to the middle of the arena after attacking the ground below you.

    After three seconds, he will immediately begin fighting back, so at this point, you can count to three, then hit him with a counter. Once you have finished this action, move to thirty horsepower, and Bolton will leap into the air once more. You have to quickly make your way to the outside of the arena after destroying the opposing side of the arena. Keep in mind that you can't really run away because you don't want to risk getting hit by rotating attack if you don't want to. The same thing will happen, he will produce four pillars, and you should simply hide behind the pillars in order to avoid being attacked by him when he goes after the red diamond. You won't be able to get away much from me here because there isn't much room. The easiest way to avoid being hit is to make a beeline for the first post on the screen that will blow up. Be wary of any further assaults that may come your way. Due to the fact that the arena is getting smaller, there is a greater possibility of you getting knocked down.

    The final piece of machinery will ascend into the air before descending into the center of the arena. Now, at this point, he will perform four Kung Fu attacks, moving from the front to the back, and from left to right. At the same time, many AODS will begin to emerge from the ground. You can either avoid them by stopping at the time or by walking around in a clockwise direction as a group. After that, you attack AOD in the rest of the area while continuing to punch in the area directly in front of him.

    In this manner, you want to avoid, then go in, and then the same column will generate yellow attack again, so you want to hide behind the column. In this way,  want to avoid, then go in. The column is going to explode once more, so you should finally go to the area where there is no column. Because we utilized approximately four layers of defense in this location, you will note that I did not take cover behind the pillar and that I was not knocked down. Because it increases your chances of surviving, the battlefield is almost always the first option here. After that, you can expect to face a large number of ghost waltans. This will be the concluding confrontation with Walton. Er, you'll notice that Fulton begins the match with six layers of armor. However, you can remove them by fighting down armor, which means that from the middle of the melt onward, they will be able to fight back immediately after they begin attacking. You will need to engage in combat with each of them because not only will they clear away the Bolton armor pile, but they will also raise your star gauge and make use of anti-machinery to assist you in clearing away his armor and filling the gauge. Shooting him will assist you in dealing more damage to him and ultimately putting an end to him as a threat.

    All of the errors that were made during the fight are included here. The fight won't cover all attacks; rather, it will focus on those that are more mechanically challenging or potentially lethal. Despite the fact that we will go over the primary attacks that are truly lethal across the entire vault, the fight won't. When it comes to Waltan's attack, the first thing you need to understand is that whenever he performs the animation of a bull charge, he is actually performing a counterattack charge. As a result, it is imperative that you execute a free counterattack. DPSThe assault will begin with complete silence, and then Bolton will proceed forward. If the axe is polished, then it will penetrate deeper into the target. In the event that the axe is dull, it will make its attack on the outside of the dodge.

    Therefore, in order to avoid AOD Bolton on the ground, please make sure to leave as soon as possible after dodging. Bolton will go into his charging animation and extend one hand forward as he does so. Any player who is captured while participating in the charge will be considered captured and may be called on the map. If you want to avoid the upcoming yellow attack, which will also cause you to fall off Bolton, you have no choice but to remain adjacent to him. Bolton will respond to the attack by holding an axe in both hands and immediately stopping it. However, he will continue to switch the position of the handle in order to avoid the subsequent attack. At this point in time, the shape of woken's hand resembles something closer to a sphere.

    Because he has given you a shield that can withstand a great deal of damage, the first step is to destroy the shield by dealing a significant amount of damage, and then you must use all of your staggered seals to finish the staggered crossbar. Wilson will perform the axe throwing attack that you saw in the first stage, but the time limit is significantly reduced, and the safety zone will also be on him rather than on the edge of the map. On the map, the complete spheres that need to be collected will be generated; if they are not collected, they will all explode simultaneously. Additionally, he will make a charge in the middle that is a counterattack, necessitating that someone go up to counterattack him. Bolton is going to take the lead with the original ball, and then he's going to free your teammates from their roots. I will let them go as soon as I can, because if I don't, they will detonate and cause significant AOD damage to.

    Flame Grenades can help a lot. Here, please make sure that the pizza that these members are attacking with is used. As stated in the attack order, the ground will begin to turn a blood red color. Therefore, after the first pizza dodges to the first pizza, in order to avoid the pizza attack of scattered objects, the others use one hand to hold an axe and make a small action. This is done in order to protect themselves from the attack of the pizza. This is a triple counterattack, which can be somewhat difficult to pull off.

    However, the individual who counterattacks will not speak during the exchange. Well, he will make a counterattack. If you don't counterattack, you should leave the party like I am doing now, and then the next person will come up and try the second counter, and then the silence will happen again. There is a halo around him. The person who gets the counter should just leave already. Finally, he does it for the very last time, but if you fail it this time, it will be completely erased, so everyone you've ever met will come up to you and try to counterattack the very last counter. It is of the utmost importance that when you play the game on the hardest difficulty setting, you will also see these balls. Because they will explode if you do, which will make the counterattack more difficult. Make it a point not to touch them, or at least try your best not to. You can tell from the footwork that these are the primary attack coordination mechanics that Bolton employs, which means that you are now prepared to defeat Bolton in the usual manner.

    I'm leaning more toward giving it a shot. It is preferable to watching the content, and you should be able to get it after trying it once or twice and giving yourself at least an hour and a half. Best of luck. I'll see you again soon, so in the meantime, make sure to subscribe to the channel and keep up with my convulsions for the next episode.