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What are the player houses in Elder Scrolls Online?

  • Elder Scrolls Online provides players with a variety of options for buying houses. These are some of the best houses in each size category. And players need to Buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold.

    Small houses cost about 50,000 to 80,000 ESO Gold and are the first houses that may include a front yard. Twin Arches won the Best Residence Award for its moderately sized courtyard. It is decorated in a western Bangkorai fashion style, with sandy beaches and desert flora, and spacious interiors. The house has an open L-shaped floor plan and two entrances, with a raised terrace at the back door.

    Apartments are the next step in providing housing for players, and these will cost tens of thousands of ESO Gold. Flaming Nix Deluxe Garret is a good size and seems to be the largest apartment. This apartment has dark stone walls and hexagonal tiles on the sunken floor, giving it a very comfortable feeling. The price of this house is 13,000 ESO Gold.

    The best medium-sized homes will be homes that strike a balance between the right size and reasonable price, and improve on the previously available Elder Scrolls Online homes. The price range of medium-sized houses is approximately 175,000 to 350,000 ESO Gold. Ald Velothi Harbour House achieves this balance perfectly, priced at 332,000 ESO Gold. The house has a large walled courtyard decorated with structures and a wide variety of mushrooms and other flora. The interior is warm and spacious, with a small circular basement, high ceilings and a loft with a balcony.