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Elder Scrolls Online Undaunted Celebration will start this week

  • Elder Scrolls Online Undaunted Celebration is an opportunity to pay tribute to adventurers who risk their lives to eliminate some of Tamriel's worst villains. The celebration held between November 18th and November 30th will reward players with a fearless reward box for killing the final boss in the dungeon. There are various items in the box, including treasure maps, investigation reports, crafting materials, fearless keys, opal weapon styles with a small probability, and so on. Killing the first boss every day will drop two event tickets and a glorious fearless reward box.

    Alongside the above Weapon Styles, Undaunted Vendors will also stock Opal Shoulder Styles and Mystery Coffers of your already unlocked non-opal shoulder styles. Completing the following dungeons on Veteran difficulty will give you a chance to earn Opal Mask styles: Chokethorn, Iceheart, Lord Warden, Nightflame,
    Swarm Mother.

    In accordance with the convention of any event in Elder Scrolls Online, Impresario has come back to exchange good things for the players' hard-earned event tickets. After all, it is not easy for players to earn Elder Scrolls Online Gold in the game. This time players will be able to purchase the following items: All three Unstable Morpholith pet fragments, Three Doomchar Plateau house fragments.

    If players want to participate in the Undaunted Celebration of The Elder Scrolls Online, they only need to go to any dungeon (preferably through the dungeon finder instead of going alone), or receive the "Glory of the Undaunted" quest for free from the Crown Store. If the player does not want to join a team, Bolgrul of Undaunted Enclave will give you an Undaunted Reward Box every day to complete his Undaunted exploration mission. Now, players can go to IGGM to buy ESO Gold.