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Elder Scrolls Online Deadlands Daily Mission Guide

  • The DLC in each area of Elder Scrolls Online comes with various daily tasks. Players can perform various daily tasks to obtain rewards in specific areas, such as some ESO Gold. For Deadlands DLC, these missions are focused on Delves and World Boss and can be claimed in Fargrave.

    The daily tasks in Elder Scrolls Online can only be repeated once a day and reset at 1:00 AM Eastern Time. This also applies to shared missions, which only allow players to receive daily mission rewards twice within a given reset period. To start Deadlands Daily Quests, players should Buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold and look for a quest mark called "Work for Hire in Fargrave" on their compass. This quest can be found on various notes nailed to the walls of the new city and guide the player to the west side of the town to find Hewlet Hexos.

    Alternatively, the player can simply walk to the area marked with a red star in the Fargrave screenshot above. The task giver is located at the corner of Bearer's Rest and the furniture dealer above the stairs. When closed, a blue task mark should appear on the compass.

    Luna Beriel is a member of Gleaners, an interplanetary thieves and spy organization. She usually sends players to two caves in the dead to find artifacts and other collectibles. Vaveli Indavel, member of Saraathu Tong of Fargrave, sent players to kill the world boss and other NPCs with a group of people in Deadlands.

    There are two types of daily missions in Deadlands DLC, each of which is provided to players by Fargrave's House Hexos. The two daily task types provide the same rewards, namely a certain amount of ESO Gold, experience, and a packaged reward that includes randomly sorted related rewards.