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Elder Scrolls Online Deadlands DLC Six Antiquities

  • Many of the antiquities in the Deadlands DLC of Elder Scrolls Online are associated with three new mythological items, Markyn Ring of Majesty, Belharza's Band, and Spaulder of Ruin. Players can find many things in various levels of divination skills, although most of the best new antiquities can only be unlocked by completing master clues.

    There are six antiquities in Deadlands that make up the normal, intermediate and advanced options. Because divination can be used repeatedly in the same ancient times, players can fully upgrade their skills in Deadlands if they wish. At the same time players need to collect as much Elder Scrolls Online Gold as possible.

    Master (Gold) Antiquities requires players to spend at least three skill points on the Antiquarian Insight passive in the divination skill tree. However, this alone is usually not enough, because these advanced clues are much more difficult than standard fares. The three new Master Antiquities are related to Daedric Enchanting Station furniture, which is a unique placeable Enchanting Station that has been touched by Oblivion. Dagon's Scalding Gibbet Antiquity sees itself as a piece of furniture, which looks like a strange torture device, undoubtedly designed by Dagon.

    Deadlands DLC has added three new mythological item sets, which can only be obtained by completing five related master (gold) clues. However, these five related clues are not necessarily limited to Deadlands, and not all clues have been discovered and cataloged by specialized mythological hunters. Although they won't reward anything particularly remarkable when they complete it personally, all five prerequisites for completing the myth will unlock it for the character to equip. In addition, players can buy ESO Gold at IGGM.