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The fastest way for Final Fantasy XIV players to get Relic Resi

  • If the player reaches level 80 in Final Fantasy XIV, then the resistance weapon task is waiting for them, which is one of the longest parts of the game that need to be completed. The tasks named "spare parts", "storytelling" and "good memories" are the longest parts of relic weapons that need to be completed. However, this is a grind, so players only need to do the steps once to unlock each FFXIV Gil. Upon completion, they will unlock the Blade's Weapon mission, which will be the last of all missions.

    Each of these three tasks requires the collection of 60 copies of specific items. Only one item can be obtained for each task completed, so no less than 180 completed tasks will obtain all necessary items and proceed to the next step.

    There are basically two ways to accomplish these tasks: complete skirmishes in the southern and northern regions of Zadnor, or ordinary raids from the stories of Alexander, Omega, and Eden. Before proceeding and starting to obtain these items, players need to choose a specific strategy that allows them to achieve progress on other goals and make full use of these FFXIV Gil For Sale.

    Here are some solutions. First, if the player delays the training in Zadno, then they have a chance to reach the highest level and obtain the items that the area must provide while cultivating these items. After completing this task, players only need to complete the last step to obtain the relic of their choice. The relic has the highest item level available in the game and is expected to become the charm of the player's taste.