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Are we supposed to be worried about Big Ben?

  • We were all spoiled by Mut 22 coins the fall of Tom Brady: for the majority of quarterbacks, it's still a bit steep and abrupt. Ben Roethlisberger looks like he was in full Thelma, Louise and jumped off on a cliff. Steven Ruiz, the Ringer's director of video productions cut up Ben's throws in the game against the Bengals on Sunday and placed them in grainy, western-style video footage , with music from the saloon in the background. This wasn't just the most entertaining thing I saw on Monday but also the most tragic, since Ben appears completely clean.

    The Steelers have opted not to invest on the offensive line the offseason. This has resulted in an ineffective run game, even with Najee Harris being selected in the 1st round. Harris was able to get 19 (!) targets during the pass game on Sunday, and he caught 14 passes. Lindsay Rhodes had me on her show Monday and dropped this nugget: Harris had 109 yards following the catch on receiving yards of 102. Imagine that!

    The situation is confirmed by Ben's Next Gen Stats passing charts. He's in no position to protect himself or arm strength to push the ball down the field anymore . This combination practically turned this offense into a horizontal one.

    Steelers had hoped to defend but the secondary was not excellent and the defense line, which is the strength of the team, was hampered by several players. T.J. Watt was the most well-known player who was excluded from Sunday's game due to a groin issue. In the last two weeks there was a time when the Steelers defense collapsed and that was also an issue for Joe Burrow Sunday. It's very difficult to imagine a way that will fix these problems.

    It's not a problem about cheap Madden 22 coins Carson Wentz's performance on the field, but Carson Wentz's play in the field is concern. The main issue for Indianapolis is playing Wentz too much in the 2021 season , and having to sacrifice a top 10 pick because of the team's inability to perform.