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I will drink brew and rebuild and then run first

  • Just to inform you that auto-training is not permitted and I strongly discourage it. The only exception to RuneScape Gold this is "AFK training" is the one I mentioned above. It's more of "turnoff chat so that no one else can communicate with you" and "train while multitasking".

    First off I'm sorry for breaking any rule. I don't know much about this forum, so if I am doing wrong, I will take the necessary steps to improve my skills. Again, I apologize.

    I will drink brew and rebuild and then run first. Brew will give me 89 hp and 92 def (good?). I'll take. From Melle, and my friend will prot. from ranged. After bandos has been killed and we have killed each guard 1 at a time. If we are able to do it again My friend is in the NW corner, and I am in the middle, and in the att general, when he spawns. What do I have to purchase a sara weapon or can I do it by myself? Can I go? Any ideas for me?

    My friends and I were in the arena of duel and i was wearing full rune (t) with Power Ammy and my rune baxe and was in the attack mode... Armors and ammy and weapon: Strength Ammy, rune scimmy, and a full rune with zammy kite he was in the aggressive mode.

    We don't have food or prayer. Wth ...?! He owns me! I have better stats than him exept strength and i keep hitting zeros on Buy OSRS Fire Cape him? He keeps hitting me in large quantities? Fudge! What is this? I'm having 52 attacks 52 attack! 52 attack!!! My 52 attack was meant to take down my 48 defense! How can this be impossible? This is impossible!