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Then I left the room to go on a short break

  • Then I left the room to go on RuneScape Gold a short break. After I had returned to the throne room, I was just outside the doorway of the throne. Evil Dave and Eric were both outside. However I could not see Jennifer. Jennifer was walking when I got back to the throne.

    Is there anyone who has seen something like this previously? While I don't want to assume it is a bug related to logging out I can't think what else could be the cause. Another solution to this issue is to perform the same thing players usually do to regain a sigil that they have lost. Do you have any ideas or suggestions?

    So, my friend and his friend have invited me to GWD. We will be doing Bandos. I will also be killing hobgoblins in my Kc. However, the only problem is that I've only killed the Zamorak General and not the Bandos general.

    I am wondering what I should wear, what my inventory should be like, and what strategies I should use. A level 138 character is capable of defending against melee hits. (Summoning cape) My Gr cheese (RSN) will be dealing damage.

    There are several alternatives. Godsword: If you have it it is amazing, it protects and you don’t need to Buy OSRS Fire Cape be concerned if it is lost. If you don't have whip whip + Obby/Rune shield. You can also bring the full version of veracs if you want the whip, but I think it is are better and more affordable if you die.