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Bots are also becoming less common with rs3

  • Decline in bots. Alch-bots were the most popular kind of RuneScape Gold bots. Bots are also becoming less common with rs3. PVM has a high level of alchables. Alchable items are now extremely popular to be found in the drop tables of bosses and slayers and have consequently flooded the market. What do you think of this general trend? Will the alchables increase or fall? What is the lowest price you can get? Could we be selling stuff to make 2-3k per item in a few years?

    Cons - Since Andrew Gower left we've had the new CEO arrive to fire up the content shredder. 'You know what we're gonna do, team? We're going to tackle these challenges in this area... and alter the way they're done. Yeah. While they don't have anything to do with them, it's essential that we keep them updated almost every DECADE. They are too fun.

    This is only one of many thoughts that Jagex must think about each week. There are a myriad of other horrible quality-of-life changes are included, such as changing a excellent user interface to an unclean Google cake tray. Google came up with a deal that would hurt the game.

    The most frustrating thing was their arrogant decision not to change the appearance of the Armour set they owned during the game. It is beyond my comprehension the reasoning behind this. Before, it was elegant and easy. After, ugly and clunky.

    I don't even want to talk about the DEVOLUTION of Combat. We proclaimed this to be the best update to ever hit the game, but somehow we've lost a portion of our player base... I'm interested in Buy RS Gold the reason. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a combat mechanic that duplicates World of Warcraft and all of the other tab-target ability bar MMOs?