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Their movements were immortalized that night

  • EA was able to generate 8.75 million frames of FUT 22 Coins animation just by recording 22 players in just 90 minutes. Machine learning then kicks in. "Previously when players approach the ball to perform the next action like a pass, shot or dribble - we've chosen an animated sequence from our database" Eaves explains. "But it doesn't know the context. This information trains the network to blend animations.

    How can the desire for authenticity affect the game, which compresses 90 minutes of professional football in just ten minutes? "It's an excellent thing," says FIFA YouTuber and streamer Chris Wood, aka Chesnoid Gaming. "The idea behind sport video games is to recreate the games you can see on a regular basis in the real world. This brings the game to life even more. It's now close to the five-minute half-hour halves of a video game than it is to the real game of football.

    It is hoped that the micro-movements of feints, dashes, and feints that were captured in southern Spain can be used to determine how the top players from around the world move in FIFA 22. Mo Salah is a prime example: his subtle touches when he catches and accelerates to catch the ball, as well as the precise touch when he glides past opponents and then focuses his attention on the goal, before he slots it in.

    Their movements were immortalized that night. The moment they're seen by upwards of 30 million gamers across the globe. This is why both sides were so concerned about the incident. "One of the goalkeepers was hit by a strong shot straight towards him and the ball fell through his fingers," remembers Eaves. "He was absolutely overwhelmed - the shock was very real. I couldn't help but consider that he might not have wanted us to use that animation into the game."

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