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We plan to have many tournaments throughout the year

  • "This tournament offers kids from all across the city an opportunity to NBA2king unite and contribute to worthwhile causes," stated Matt Hoffar co-founder of Gaming United, and managing partner at Brickhouse Ventures. "And this will not be the last time we will have a tournament. We plan to have many tournaments throughout the year with different sports and across different cities."

    Chicago Gaming United is a jointly-owned organization that is run by Brickhouse Ventures, TGS Esports, Abacus3, Edge Sports International, CyKam Consulting, and Georgia Sinclar Design.

    TGS Esports Inc. is an esports organisation that is focused on hosting and providing esports events, tournaments, and leagues at the professional and amateur levels, both online as well as in person. TGS is the operator of Canada's only dedicated esports venue, The Gaming Stadium, located in Richmond, British Columbia, which officially opened in June.

    The Gaming Stadium has hosted numerous esports tournaments, including Fortnite and League of Legends, and has also hosted and organized the Pinnacle event at River Rock Casino. Gaming Stadium hosts online tournaments and broadcasts of high-quality for any event.

    These statements represent the expectations of management regarding the Company. Forward-looking statements are those that are not historical , and they include statements regarding plans, beliefs and expectations about the future. They include statements concerning the hosting of Cheap NBA 2K22 MT PS4 a NBA2K event for high school students from the Chicago region; the event's format, prize distribution and timing of the event in addition to the anticipated usage of the funds.