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I was planning to buy around 20k Yewlogs

  • I was the victim of an exchange of OSRS Items items exchange...I was in a very low level and still only 50cmb. I wanted firemaking training and was purchasing large amounts of yews for players with gp I had earned from fishing lobsters and then selling it to other players (there wasn't a Grand Exchange).

    I was planning to buy around 20k Yewlogs. I was frustrated and wanted them fast. Very few people would pay me enough for what i wanted. Then someone offered me exactly what I required. The logs were shown to him in trade, and i offered the money.

    I wasn't traded and the trade was cancelled. He said something along the lines of: "Sorry about that" and immediately put 20k willow logs into trade. I made a large profit from the garbage logs, without even double-checking. The logs I used to train firemaking were still available however at a much lower rate. This was a tragic loss for an F2P scaper who was relatively new.

    It was an experience that I have learned from and, since then, I have double checked, sometimes triple checked. Unless you're at the buy limit, the Grand Exchange has solved a number of issues. I'm patient and will be waiting for a few more days to get what i need in the GE.

    Learn and grow... You learn and live.I was playing a lot in Buy RS Gold the midst of GE bank. I finally told him that i was aware and that i knew of his scam. He then logged out. He then logged out. The name of the man was lvi SmiIe.