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Rack says that many customers did not receive money

  • Simply put, people believed that if made payments to NBA2king Calvin the sum of money, Rack would pay them back at a high interest rate. Raangee would get a 25 percent cut as an incentive to recruit. "He Rack generally gives us a receipt of the amount we're owed. The cash arrives in about 7-14 business days due to his bank security," the FAQ document claims.

    "Most banks take approximately 5 business days for the transfer of funds, but Rack's banking institution takes longer." At first, individuals we spoke to reported that they had received payments from Rack. Then, communications were cut off. Rack says that many customers did not receive money. When they sought out their money, scammers would come up with excuses or ignore the victims.

    "We were supposed [to get the money], but the money never came in. We waited for almost 1 month and the guy made excuses, like his PayPal was locked, etc for more time." Another victim complained to P.TV.

    A 20-year-old Australian claims he's lost $5,500 and has filed a cybercrime complaint. He also submitted photos of the exchange between him and Raangee to P.TV. The video shows Raangee convincing the victim to invest $5,000 and promising a reward of $2,500. Raangee tells the victim "Ofc" for any person. "But I'm at the stage that I'm used to it now and I completely recognize the anxiety of those who are new to the process."

    "I know of at least 20-30 people," a fourth victim, age 20, told P.TV. "I'd approximate that Rack is owed at least $300,000 (and this is just a small sample of the cases I've heard of). A number of Buy MT 2K22 PS4 my close acquaintances." Many victims have shared similar stories, alleging that Rack frequently used problems with his bank account and/or PayPal account as a reason to not pay his bills.