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The Packers signed him to a four-year contract

  • He could have left Green Bay and made a huge amount of Mut 22 Coins money. However, he decided to come back to Green Bay to play for the Packers in a slightly but not by much, more affordable deal. The Packers signed him to a four-year contract, worth $48m, but when you breakdown the agreement, it looks like a much more 2-year agreement. The Packers might be able to negotiate the terms with him to extend the agreement.

    Jones is ahead of Christian McCaffrey (97 overall), Derrick Henry (96) and Nick Chubb (96), Dalvin cook (95) as well as Alvin Kamara (94) in the Madden ratings. Jones is ahead Saquon Barkley (90), Josh Jacobs (89) and Ezekiel Elliott (88)

    Overall, I believe that this is exactly where Jones could have been. Jones is an absolute star and is a player for the Packers and Matt LaFleur's offense.

    The Packers had to part with Jamaal Williams over the offseason. But with AJ Dillon hopping in to take his place I believe we're going to see some similar output from Jones in the 2022 season, which should still be among the top players in the NFL.

    Packers Za'DariusSmith is not happy with his Madden 22's score.EA Sports continues to release ratings for the Madden NFL 22 season. Green Bay Packers edge rusher Za'Darius Smith wasn't too impressed by his score for Cheap Mut Coins Madden 22 this year's game.