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The demand is greater than the supply

  • One person should be responsible for OSRS Items buying the tinderbox, vial and pick at each stage. This allows you to access doors that are specifically designed for you. Whenever someone finds the boss, they shout BOSS to the other players, and everyone checks their map, and sprint to take over the boss in seconds.

    Don't leave your keys in the open. You can get keys by moving around the area, and then using your map to locate the door. If there's no marked room, you don't need the key. If you follow this method, you'll be able to complete each level in around 3 minutes.

    The Grand Exchange prices of products are believed to be determined by demand and supply... However, sometimes, it doesn't seem like that matters. First examples: Full set black armour (8.873 grams). The Grand Exchange never lets me sell full sets of black armour for more than a few seconds before they are sold. It sells at maximum price. But try buying a full set of black armour from the Grand Exchange, and you will discover there isn't any quantity. At the Grand Exchange, I often hear people saying "buy full black". Demand is much greater than demand, but G.E. price doesn't go up. This has been the case for quite a while.

    Cheese (108gp). Cheese lasts no more than a few seconds after it is put on the market. It then sells quickly. The demand is greater than the supply. But cheese stays fixed at 108 gp.

    Another example: Pie dish (103 Gp). Blue wizard's cape (102 Gp). Raw chicken (160 gp). Redberries (102 gp) were fixed at 102 GBP up until recently. The reason for this was that demand was greater than the supply. For a long time, blue dye and yellow dye were Grand-Exchange-priced much lower than demand would suggest. Small fishing net (140 gr). Bronze arrows only work for Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold a few seconds after they are traded to the Grand Exchange.