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They also include Luka Doncic

  • Candace Parker will be the first female to ez2kmt write the cover of the game NBA2K2K. 2K which is responsible for the production of the NBA2K basketball game franchise, unveiled on Wednesday the players that will feature on the cover of NBA2K22. In the list is an originality: Candace Parker, wing of the Chicago Sky and one of principal players of the WNBA, American basketball league.

    The former Los Angeles Sparks player is the first person to stamp her image on the game. She is one of five American personalities selected by the American company. They also include Luka Doncic (the Dallas Mavericks' sensational point guard), Kevin Durant (the Brooklyn Nets' wing) and Dirk Nowitzki (legendary Karem Abdul-Jabbar) and Dirk Nowitzki (legendary Karem and Dirk Nowitzki). The cover for the three remaining players will be designed with a distinct design to commemorate the 75th anniversary of NBA. In addition, the Parker version is only purchased at GameStop stores, while Doncic is the main protagonist of the traditional one.

    The star athlete announced her achievement on social media. "Extremely satisfied and humbled to be the first female on the cover of NBA2K history," she said. "It is an honor to work for an organization which invests in women's lives and bets on our success.

    The player's record shows that she has a WNBA title, two MVPs, and six Star Game nominations. She is known for her talent and ability in the court, Parker has extensive experience internationally and has been an Olympic champion twice: 2008, in Beijing and 2012 in London. The wing was named WNBA Defensive Player of the year last season.

    "It was a dream of mine to be broadcaster in 2K, and now it's a fact. I'm hoping that there will be many women who are steady to watch," she said. Her success doesn't stop at the court, or even in video games. She became an NBA commentator on TNT in 2019, and she was joined by Dwyane an ex- Miami Heat player, or one of the hosts of Inside the NBA. Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley are two of the names that are part of Buy MT 2K22 the attraction.