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Locate the assassin

  • Mission 1: Locate the assassin. The route will take you to OSRS Fire Cape Burthorpe to hunt down the suspected assassin of Prince Anlaf. More is at stake than just one life. This is the crux of a battle between the White Knights and the Imperial Guard. To accomplish this task you'll need an iron bar as well as a hammer, and other devices for moving. Begin by talking with the servant of Prince Anlaf. He will suggest that you attend the prince's dinner time if you wish to interview him. It is recommended to try the food of his servant to ensure it isn't poisoned.

    Instead of risking your life take a look at a chemistry textbook in the nearby. You will find that silver dulls as it reacts with a common poison. Make your silver bar into an iron rod. After dinner, test it all. The result will be clean.

    As the dessert arrives the rod will become black, meaning the dish was poisoned. Talk to the chef and he'll admit to any wrongdoing. You can make use of your Commorb in order familiar with the chef. He's no longer even aware how the apple pie was prepared.

    Ask him who he bought it from, and he will mention an individual from the cooks guild who had a conversation with at the local bar. He was a fan of wine over beer and was a fan of high-end cuisine. Go to the bar, and request a temporary job. If a patron wants to drink, use your Commorb on him.

    Eventually, you will discover an individual with an illegally-made magic device on him. He'll run into the garden and jump the fence. He will race into the garden and leap the fence. Magic doesn't apply to Buy OSRS Accounts him. He'll be dead when you shoot him with an arrow that's not yours. The mission was accomplished, even although it was an unsolved mystery.