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Plant the Dramen Seed

  • You finally must go up against two level 22 HAM guards along with OSRS Items a level 50 HAM mage... along with your bare hands. About a minute into the battle, Oldak will tinker with his sphere, and you two will go to Port Sarim for real this time. Talk to him, and you will go to Dorgeshkan, don't worry, you'll walk and not get intercepted again.

    Once again in Oldak's lab, you will enter a dialog about how to grow your new Dramen Tree. I really don't know how we're supposed to grow a tree underground. Not to worry, the tree grew underground too, you know. We just require a fertile and bewitching patch. How do we get that? Well, I'm no gardner, but I had a chat with somebody...

    Hmmm, possibly a 5 to 10 ratio, with 5 parts excretory compound enhanced together with the energies native of fairies, and 10 elements frequent advanced fertilization product improved using a pure type of basic magic. WHAT?! In English please!

    Hm? Oh, if you want a less scientific outline, 10 buckets of super compost and 5 buckets of ... waste. Oh, okay. Wait, that's not all. The super compost ought to be augmented with rune character, pure essence to be precise. The camel dung ought to be combined with pure character charged with electricity that is linked to the Dramen Tree.

    Ok, you want to get 10 buckets of super compost, and use a hammer 10 pure essence, then grind up each using a pestle and mortar and put them into the super compost. Do exactly the same with five cosmic runes, and insert them to buckets of dung. Take these to Oldak, and use these onto the Farming patch adjoining door. Plant the Dramen Seed. Speak to Oldak and he will suggest that while you wait, you gather as much information on whatever is holding Zanik. He can think of two areas to OSRS Buy Gold find out about Bandos: the Goblin Temple, along with the ogres.