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I wanted to bring a few clarities to my survery

  • There appear to be issues with the image questions, especially on mobile. We should do better to OSRS Items test on multiple devices. Apologies there. Regarding the same question, I believe we ought to have clarified what we had been hoping to really learn. It seems a whole lot of folks were expecting something as simple as"would you obey a toggle-able HD update?". Maybe we ought to ask that question also, but for us it's about identifying what you believe that should look like, in addition to helping to check if you believe newer content (such as Prif) feels Old School or not.

    There was some discrepancy in how replies are ordered by us but about the right for others. Apologies that shouldn't happen. Ultimately, we're not attempting to lead you with questions in any way at all. People are mentioning about us trying to induce a skill in - answering that you're opposed to a skill that is new is the best way to make sure that we do not spend time and polling things like Warding. As being contributing Likewise people mention the poll questions.

    We are requesting that in light of this polling discussions and controversy, the ideal way to determine how you're feeling about polling would be to ask you - like we did. It is clear we ought to test the surveys more for device-performance and consistency. Why we are asking for important pieces of info we should explain. We ought to explain why we're asking a few of the questions we are asking. We ought to let you decide you'd prefer to be contacted in the future.

    It appeared to say that that quests have a design between narratives through lore and cutscenes and then there's battle. I aim to these two philosophies. I need oldschool quests to get the design and style philosophy of classic quests. Not one of rotting bloody elf corpses on a battlefield for instance, that an striking departure from the quests we'd on release of Runescape.

    I prefer problem solving. Pacing and tone than the kinds of top production HBO series quests we've been getting. Scouring the area for puzzle pieces and clues, talking to npcs such as tips, piecing it all together all while using a lighthearted and silly tone. Fishfood to kill piranhas at a fountain to get a key like having a jar of toxin. I was disappointed as it had a reception that foraging wasn't on the prospective skills list a participant has suggested.

    I wanted to bring a few clarities to my survery. I'm a advocate for new OSRS graphics. But not quite for school as such. I believe as the title suggest it'd be uneeded to now change the graphics and bizarre, and the way old school is. But what I would love to find out if a"reimagined" design of OSRS using 3d grahpics, WASD movement, a new engine - fully rebuilt from the ground up with map improvements and more abilities. Something OSRS is of Buy RuneScape Gold is abilities need. I love dungeoneering as a idea and im amazed it has not rolled over to OSRS.