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Something that they later had to adjust through massive server

  • Even though your mouse controls are inherently locked, don't worryabout it, you'll have the option to Lost Ark Gold go over your settings and will see an option for "Attack using Right-click" just a few boxes further. Turn this box on or off based on which mouse button is more comfortable to attack with.

    If you select the "Attack with right-click" option is switched on then you'll be able to interact, move and interact with items by using your left click. If the option is turned off then you'll use the left-click to attack and right-click to complete the other tasks.

    After having a record number of concurrent users for yesterday's launch of head start, Lost Ark (our review here) now has two new servers that will help increase the capacity. Due to the high interest for its paid-for headstart feature, as well as many of the typical issue of queues that new MMOs are facing, there's likely to be a bit more availability for those looking to join to. Anyone who would like to play is able to purchase a membership pack for access on Friday, meaning that demand could still increase.

    The head start is available to people who have purchased any of the levels of Founder's Pack, so the numbers are likely just glimpses of what you can expect from the official launch coming on Friday. However, for now, Amazon has decided to open one new server, Karmine for NA East as well as another server, Akkan which is for NA West. The official announcement of new servers comes with a commitment to monitor the conditions.

    It's likely that Amazon is still a little cautious with some lessons learned from the introduction of their exclusive MMO, New World. The initial queues of servers and the high demand during launch and later on led to Buy Lost Ark Power leveling the expansion of server capacity by many new servers, something that they later had to adjust through massive server mergers. This process is still underway.