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I would like to see more interesting and thematic

  • I've played Classic WoW and then seeing the WOW TBC Gold way Blizzard made of it to create honey-to do chores that keep players playing in Burning Crusade with rep farming and heroic dungeon grinding - to me , it proved that the game has been an endless cycle for two decades. Activision was greedy, and they needed sub-goals.

    If this isn't the right game formula for you It could be because you weren't a fan of the experience or the group you were with. Similarly, for some people this can be a winning formula. I've discovered that I really enjoy running on the blizzard often, whether it's Classic, Diablo, or even retail. It's all about what it is, not what it's not.

    They certainly came up with WoW as an MMO This means that it's not just a "one-off event' where players enjoy only because of their friends or a social gathering, I'm nearly certain that a certain type of thinking was involved in the creation of the game. This was in 2004, and people didn't text or use the internet to communicate as often as they do today.

    The formula you are referring to is loose and easy to use because it was meant to be concealed by a social interaction that was at the time not commonplace, therefore it always made an impact on the participant. I think they were planning using that additional layer of circumstance.

    Truth. Sub games are the way sub games operate. They reward you for working hard and keep you on the path to success. This is the thing that amazes me about Ffxiv. It's designed with the least amount of time spent on gating and they have clearly stated that it's acceptable to remove in the event of a content shortage and that you will not fall behind. They appreciate the time of players more than the speed of blizzard. They also know that quality content is the only way to increase the number of subs. It's a shame that if I had the chance to play in Azeroth but with the square enix on the loose, I'd be a gamer nuts all over.

    I would like to see more interesting and thematic quests. At present, the quests are the same as "go to x locations and search for"y" or "go kill x of creature you" or "go to x location and engage with you". Certain quests require you to go to an ancient ruin and search for rivets... or go to a waterfall to set down an easel. They're not much in the way of flavor or meaning. (Of course, some do, such as the Pastor Walsh quest line. But , it's extremely rare.

    An increase in variety in the types and kinds of enemies I meet is a benefit. Every archer acts like dryads to the lost archers. The lost archers are all duplicated with a new name and so on. To make cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold the world seem complete There should be some distinction between them.