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Jagex isn't the only one I see this problem with

  • What do players think of Jcredits? "I would prefer to RS gold see that the game be able to charge a small fee and receive member benefits instead of letting Jcredits be used to make in-game purchases. As in Runescape which is a game where you don't have to pay any money to gain an advantage on the game. But let's finish this by saying a few words regarding JCredits which I personally find fitting:

    "I find them absurd because Jagex tries to force you to spend real money to get anywhere. Jagex has gone further than the others. They now make it illegal to use micro-transactions to gain an advantage when playing. The game is completely boring without JCredits.

    Jagex I believe that Jagex, did not respond well to user feedback. This will be illustrated by an example taken from my own experience. Imagine yourself getting up in the early morning. When you get out from your bed, the lights will be on. You are used to dark rather than light, which is why you'll close your eyes, letting through just the amount of light you can manage. Then, you'll gradually open your eyes to become accustomed to the light, and, eventually, you'll be able to take on the light.

    Imagine it as a sunny sunny day. When you step outside, you will again be blinded by the sun. You can shut your eyes for a short time and keep them that manner or wear sunglasses. There will be lights coming into your eyes, no matter what you do.

    In the above example you are able to open or close your eyes depending upon the circumstances. The amount and quality of light available will affect how much light you can filter. This concept that I refer to as dynamic filtering, is readily comprehended in every aspect of our lives.

    The issue I have with certain communities today is that they establish a policy, or "filter", that is based on the current circumstances, and maintain it for a long period of time. The reason for this is that the circumstances change rapidly and the community leaders aren't able to adjust their policies to accommodate the evolving situation.

    Jagex created a user-friendly strategy and followed the guidelines. In the end the amount of feedback and users has increased tremendously. Jagex is likened to widening one's eyes but not closing them when lots of light strikes them. This causes them to not be able to effectively review any feedback and follow any requests.

    Jagex isn't the only one I see this problem with. If community leaders choose co-leaders to run their communities, they are encouraged and urged to develop policies to avoid confusion. These are the methods by which policies usually begin. But, as you now know, there are many downsides when you stick to a policy or filter for longer than. Sites are able to block the same volume of traffic, even if activity is declining. This cheap RuneScape gold causes a massive decrease in traffic and less site content being uploaded.