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I'm a Summoning tank and am in desperate

  • The majority of the time, there are slower RS gold training methods avaliable. The reason I'm using the term"generally" is because some players train in F2P sites such as SoS Red Spiders or Cockroach Soldiers, which slows down their speed but also places them at the same level as Pf2Ps. However, in general the majority of players go straight to members because they gain more experience than players who are free.

    Since all variants are the same, it is reasonable to assume that a pf2p will get a 99 at a slower rate than members. But it's unfair for the skills to be compared. Because he has more options to level quickly, a ranger could reach a 99 quicker than someone who trains. But, when training mining, he'd have less advantage than a player who is a member. He would still be competing against other players to get ore rocks ore, at the very least until rune.

    My view is that everything comes down how one views a skillcape. There is a similar issue as to whether those who earn gold medals at ParaOlympics are to be held more revered than those who receive gold medals from Olympics. ParaOlympics participants had to overcome physical limitations in order for them to be awarded the medal. To diminish the significance of the individual who won a gold medal would not be fair, as he also had the challenge to defeat other physically fit competitors to earn the medal.

    I'm curious to hear other people's thoughts on this issue, as I've noticed that pf2p's who get a skillcape are treated like gods ("OMG You've Got A Skillcape) while members who get the same skillcape are rewarded with an ointment on their heads ("Oh you've have a skillcape. How adorable. What's next?)

    I'm a Summoning tank and am in desperate need of charms. They are too difficult to obtain on my own and I don't have any friends who would be willing to share theirs. I'm willing to pay for each Charm. I'd like to make it happen in the Chaos Tunnels, since it's multicombat, and contains a wide variety of monsters.

    I'm on my way to getting a Magic Skillcape (untrimmed), and I'd like to know a suggestion for an outfit. The best thing is a less than 2M outfit however, you are able to suggest any other - it'll be added to my list of things to buy. You don't have a jacket however it's an OSRS buy gold excellent addition to the outfit. Thank you, guys.