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I'm only off heal during Oh shit times when

  • I'm confused as to why people believe it's difficult to WOW TBC Gold be a rogue and also to be invited to groups. I was a rogue and I made my own groups. If you aren't invited to any , then it's time to start your own groups. You can select the gear you'd like to use and invite only those who don't really need the item. This is among the advantages of creating your own groups. I had full access to the bis because I picked people who don't require leather gear.

    Since I don't want to tank ...? Why must I go through 1k+ dps when I can get 500-600 overall (I've achieved 950 dps in certain boss battles, believe me or not) Off heal when necessary, off tank when required, use battle res to help keep the party from wiping after someone screws up healing, as well as innervate the healer and grant everyone in the group an extra 5% critique?

    Yes, my alt is a feral. While I do tend to tank, at times I just want to rest and earn badges. It's so frustrating when the team is doing AOE pulls and I'm just slamming away at every mob who dies before I score 5 combination points. Cat really does not shine in 5 man battles, unfortunately. The utility you mentioned is certainly nice. I feel more confident about my DPS personal if there is an arcane mage inside the group.

    You can heal your wild through the power of spells. You're not a boomkin who has powerful spells. While I know that I'm not going explain how to play, I do think that 995 is around 2/3 of the more powerful dps classes. Anything below that amount of damage is close to being a carry. A team can carry 500 dps. You lose all power in dungeons when you are forced to do that you do dps in these scenarios.

    I'm only off heal during Oh shit times when the healer is incapacitated (and the tank's health has dropped in a dangerously low way for instance), or oom and innervate has been put on cooldown. .... I'll shut off my tank when I need to or when the tank is down for some reason and the bres cooldown is in effect.

    It is obvious that you are constantly grouped with some fantastic DPs. As a hybrid class I believe the average I'm pulling isn't too bad when you consider the other skills I bring to the table. I also give five buy WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold percent more criticism to everyone else.