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Mod MMG: I was just saying this regarding

  • I explain to him why he does not make use of it. Then RS gold he buys an Earth Battlestaff. He was wearing a Slayerdart as he had seen a lot on YouTube using it.

    This brings us to the question of: Do you have a Slayerdart? Or fire blast/waveattacks? Or don't you make use of magic in any way and was this topic an absolute waste of your time? This topic should not be moved to polls. This is more about the discussion of why people utilize it, not the way you use it. Okay, then tell me why people still make use of slayerdart, even though blood runes are less expensive than death runes.

    This thread will provide my guess and possibly more useful evidence. If you'd like the new skill to remain a complete surprise, then stay away from this thread.

    General Premises - Facts About the New Skill

    This section outlines three premise that should be considered by everyone trying to understand the new ability. The first is that the new skill is applicable for both F2P as well as P2P. Evidence is provided for the second.

    The other premise is that the new skill was developed on ThirdScape's key gameplay mechanic. It implies that no matter what it is, it has to be compatible with the entire MMO's gameplay dynamic. Evidence (RSOF QF13-14-746-60289341 Mod MMG Question and Answer question by The 39th Guyand MechScape Post 30 + statements similar to these)

    Mod MMG: I was just saying this regarding Thirdscape. "We are currently developing a completely novel gameplay mechanic." I cannot divulge too much, however, it could be an entire game, or only one skill. or both. It will be members and for free. This year it will be, hopefully, this year. But, it must be amazing. We'll not be able to share it, but it's very thrilling.

    "Basically, this was going be the 2010 version of our video game -We were planning to create another game. However, we cheap OSRS gold decided, "RuneScape" ties in perfectly with this game and the community would love it, so let's not make it a separate game. Let's include this in the game."