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My account was reportedly shut down due to an alleged

  • In addition, I ask you to followto stand aion classic kinah against this behavior and remove this player to stand up against this, and ban him from your legion. This player should also be banned by the entire Asmodian factions. This kind of aggressive cheating can take over Aion However, we can stop it if we adopt appropriate steps to ensure that there are consequences that are not just from NCsoft but as well from the entire community.

    A great example of this is Trump declaring COVID "The China Virus" and the repercussions where Asian hate crimes spiked over the next few months. COVID was first recognized in China. China is home of the world's largest population. It also got very horribly in India and happens to be the second-highest nation in the world, but was eradicated quickly in New Zealand. Are you seeing a pattern?

    Now fast forward to around last week following this banwave, and they rarely have enough players to fight back. Then there's the fact that elyos appear to be finally getting to the limit, whereas asmos was 2-3 times more 50s in the first two weeks.

    Let me tell youthat NC once said to me that you weren't cheating, so you are unbanned now. I'm sure they'll be because I don't cheat. If I did, my best rank wouldn't be 30. For goodness sake.

    They don't have a way to verify what you're doing because aion stopped having an anticheat tool, since it was a problem for the client previously due to problems with performance. It is possible to have every hack available and have it active, just as long as you do not make use of it in front of other people or an armed guard, they won't be able to discern it.

    My account was reportedly shut down due to an alleged suspicious activity. I do not utilize third-party applications or anything else of that nature. I actually use my capabilities, not using keyboard bindings or macros. The game was released in 2009 under the same account. No time have I ever been accused of this kind of nonsense. SteelRake was the place I was with an LFG group doing our Snow and Hairpin quests. I was removed from the game and not able to reconnect due to the ban. Scratching my head over here as if I'm wondering why this happened. I didn't violate any terms of buy aion classic kinah eu service. This is insane if this is the way NCSOFT treats its customers paying We are treated like criminals with no due process and without any evidence.