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SWTOR is the sole MMORPG I've played

  • It wasn't always just going to be a couple of buttons with long GCDs, but much as WoW did over time, FF14 needed to change its basic gameplay to ensure that there is an element to be found every couple of levels. Shit, my white mage has about 5-6 bars fully equipped with WOW TBC Gold to play 90% of the game on. They've never done any level-squashing like WoW has been able to do multiple times in the past, so the player is stuck with the same skills for a bit while leveling and it's not a huge inconvenience. PVP is my only real and big complaint. This is a mess beyond my understanding.

    The most important thing to remember is that these are separate games that accomplish different things better. I would rather play FF14 over it in the long run because of the better community, the story, and the fact that it's a lot of enjoyable once you've started exploring the expansions. I've always held a soft regard for JRPGs. And this really hits me hard, I'm so disappointed I didn't start playing it earlier. WoW's popularity has grown steadily from the an early version of vanilla, until the recent years. It's really easy to learn and play and will always strike all nostalgia buttons for me, though the plot can be a bit snarky and I'm just in need of more than 10+ years old graphics at times and the obvious, unfun time-gating.

    There is at least teleporting instead of flights lasting more than 10 minutes. I'll admit that "Pray come to the Waking Sands" is enough to give me slight gaming trauma from a couple of years back, but I'm not sure why, but.

    I'll continue to play WoW, but when it comes time to move on, I don't think it's to another MMO. I've played many other games but none made me want to play more. There are many aspects that influence the experience, including graphics and gameplay, the soundtrack is paramount.

    SWTOR is the sole MMORPG I've played that has made me feel more than WoW's soundtrack. It's Star Wars music, so I'm sure it'll be an excellent game.

    I'm sure that once I've played Wrath I'll be able conclude the WoW story. My first Toon was TBC but I didn't make it to max level until a couple of weeks before Wrath. Wrath was the time I discovered my feet and discovered how to raid and master my class. It was a wonderful expansion that brought me so many moments of happiness and cheap WOW TBC Classic Gold I can't look forward to seeing it all over again.