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The overall 98 is a stunning score

  • Kelce, along with Aaron Donald, Rams pass rusher, and Devante Adams, Packers pass catcher, made his return to Madden 22 coins 99 after his remarkable season (1,416 yards 11 touchdowns) that contributed to helping Kansas City reach the Super Bowl.

    Kittle is, by far, the best second TE in the NFL Waller's two huge games for Raiders round out the top-three. Super Bowl champ Rob Gronkowski is noteworthy as the seventh-ranked tight end with an 86. Dallas Goedert's score 84 rounds out the top 10.

    Madden ratings miss Tyreek Hill, Kansas City Chiefs' star player

    Madden 22 gives Tyreek Hill a very high rating, but the Kansas City Chiefs star might be even more impressive.

    There aren't many wide receivers in the NFL who are as effective as Tyreek Hill has been for the Kansas City Chiefs. The electric wide receiver frequently participates in plays that impress fans and astonish opponents' defensive backs.

    While he's not the most tall target , or physically impressive at 5-10 and weight 185lbs, there's no denying that Hill can score on almost every play, given how quick and dynamic he's especially once he gets out in the open field.

    Hill is consistently one the most effective wide receivers in the NFL week in and week out, however, EA Sports didn't give him an overall rating of 99 in Madden 22.

    Although he was just a few steps away from getting a 99 overall rating, Hill was rated at 99 overall. It's great! However, it could be better!

    In all honesty, it's an outstanding group for Kansas City Chiefs' star receiver. Davante Adams and DeAndre Hopkins are both extremely skilled wide receivers. Some, including Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, think Hill deserves a 99 overall rating.

    The overall 98 is a stunning score that is sought after by many, however it's not as high as it could be. Hill was rated the buy Madden nfl 22 coins most efficient player in the league prior to going into the following season. However, his incredible speed was not enough to make him a top player.