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My friends and FC friends often meet up for discord


    Some of my fondest early memories of WOW TBC Gold the game was playing with some of my irl acquaintances, hanging out with a couple other people playing the game with whom we had just initiated a conversation with and then heading to Costa del Sol to sit on the beach and gaze at the sun rise while making long jokes and telling stories. Although technically we did absolutely nothing during the game, it really resonated and was really fun. There aren't many games I've played that can achieve that.

    After my day of play, I went to Limsa as usual. I was greeted by a person (cuz I'm so small) Then they complimented me on my tank and then for the next few moments we danced around, and then I waved goodbye. This kind of thing is very common within the game, and it's an absolute delight.

    LotRO is possibly the closest I've seen to any MMO with as much player-led activity as FFXIV does. I had a couple of characters that played on Landroval that was their main RP server, and the server hosting Weatherstock. Still nothing that came even close to what happens in the daytime that I've observed here.

    I'm a total sprout and newbie and have seen some girls with the nickname Paw's Paws or something else playing instruments in a bar. I assumed they were NPCs (it's difficult for me to distinguish between musicians and the npcs). Guess I was wrong and they were real people in some kind of band? Damn. I was thinking I heard something familiar but I didn't notice it.

    What do you think they should add? It would be possible to play against other players at any point in the game (players are, by which I mean). Even if you have the potential to win mgp in the gold saucer, it will still be fun to play with cards and make bets on our own. I would love to walk through a dark alleyway and see card sharks searching for games lol

    My friends and FC friends often meet up for discord regularly. We get together in the evenings, gather in the cities of the main towns, dance, watch bards as well as explore houses in wards, or check out an event that is being held in a location. There's so much to see and do all over the world, however many of the things are created by players. That's the thing I miss most about old-school WoW. It's lost its luster to cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold me over a long time. I will never forget getting dressed in SWP gearand having people saying on my server that they were so cool.