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The Medieval Age of RuneScape

  • Abusing clans quickly alerted themselves (The clever ones made it happen on newb* accounts to have fun) A riot led by X__icy__x (Forgot his name, he got banned), and was followed by files and RuneScape gold files of idiots who had made the wrong choice and walked around Runescape using cheat-money. They wanted to take rares with them so if you own a rare, you may be tempted to sell it right away.

    For now there are people making videos and photos about how they tried and were successful using the glitch. However, not all who used it will be exiled. Jagex will give them credit. The theft of rares is proof. I am fortunate to own four Santa hats. I bought them for 10m, by accident.

    I havent played runescape in an extended period of time. There was a drop party which I went to before I went away. Since I'm back, I would like to join in. I'm broke and have nothing to help me get started.

    I took a look at the potential of earning money. It was similar... drags, bowstrings, and all that stuff. I needed an easy way to make money. So i thought of this innovative idea. Purchase 28 hides that have been tanned. This will set you back about 50k. Now you can craft them into d hide bodies. It will take just a few moments.

    You will now need to buy your nats and make your fire team. All of this will get you to alch them for around 4.6k. The total amount is 120k. One inventory... This is the one that can give you 70k profit within 10 minutes or less. This knowledge will be a blessing to all who read it.

    That is a total of 556,385 skillcapes earned, not including questcapes. Do you find anything fascinating? It would be my guess that firemaking would be higher than cooking and fletching.

    My conspiracy My conspiracy - New Skills Introduction. Since the inception of Sailing I've been studying the Medieval period during the time that RuneScape was created. This thread will provide my knowledge as it relates to RuneScape. All of the information here is my personal opinions and opinions, so please don't post in this thread if you don't have anything interesting to say. Thank you. Please note: The Middle Age and Medieval Era should be considered one time/era.

    The Medieval Age of RuneScape

    How does RuneScape compare to the Medieval Age. First, they were religious in the period. The same is the case for the majority of RuneScapers. They were also associated with a variety of other religions, such as Christianity and Protestant. This is similar to cheap RS gold the various Gods of RuneScape, including Zamorak, Saradomin and Guthix.