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While there was a dominating EU Horde

  • The game's release was primarily about WOW TBC Gold PvE with a few exceptions. In the case of PvE, the influence of racial abilities was lower than the Paladin/Shaman impact for 40 players. In this scenario, the meta is Alliance. ... Now...Classic WoW...everyone knows every PvE encounter and can do them in their sleep. Thousands of videos and guide that make them all simple but the main "challenge" today is PvP and in the game with smaller groups, the difference between Paladin and Shaman isn't as significant, however the differences in racials is noticeable...and that's why Horde becomes the meta faction.

    It's absurd to assume that one side is better players than the other. Consider the process involved in picking one side over the other. Nothing can stop someone from choosing one side or another.

    There are three main differences between a horde-based and an alliance player in terms of population, racial skills and paladin/shaman. Players who love PVP tend to prefer the faction which is more meta-based to PVP (horde) however, the extent of it and skill isn't a problem when compared to the massive inequality in the population and the problems that result from it.

    My guild in 2004 rerolled to Alliance due to the fact that Paladins were better than Shaman and we were a PvE raiding guild. Because there were fewer players from the Horde side at launch and it was more difficult to obtain good Recuits. It had nothing to do with be related to racial skill for PvE.

    I don't think that vanilla racials constitute the primary reason that players pick their FACTION. That was also not my experience at all experienced back then. The Rank 1 player I played for a time chose Tauren simply because he liked them.

    Nobody has said it all however, it's no accidental that the groups started out, and then ended up way they were...easily explained in the previous paragraph. I'm not going pretend that everyone just wants to play with their buddies, it's absurd.

    While there was a dominating EU Horde guild and the list of boss targets who were killed first in vanilla is that there were 7 horde to 40 alliance world first kills. As someone in a world first pushing guild, it was not even an inch. Obviously...great players could still succeed on horde side in vanilla but it was a lot easier for alliance, especially before

    Vanilla people were completely ignorant of cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold anything, especially not early on. Are you sure that the overall majority were just making their choices based on racials? This is absurd.