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Madden 22 Patch Out Now, Addresses Cover 3 Issues

  • "We would like to Madden 22 coins capture the full experience of owning a team in the NFL, that means getting more in-depth than setting concession rates like hot dogs, or ending any news report about a star player's concussion by warning to block an outlet's access team.

    There's a strategy to be followed. If the story is too obvious the risk is negative media coverage that could affect your sponsorship agreements for next season." The NFL has at press time removed all rights granted by EA to its league due to violating their confidentiality agreement. 2K Games was awarded the license.

    Madden NFL's latest patch is out. It addresses several persistent issues that players have complained about since the start of the season. The patch released on September 23rd for Madden 22 brings new tuning to the Outside Cover 3 deep Zones defensive game. This is a significant improvement over the previous version which could have left too much space.

    EA has also offered additional tuning updates for Cover 3 Deep Zones play against Bunch Flood plays, and added another modification outside Cover 3 Deep Zones in order to "better be able to anticipate threats coming from across the field." The patch, however, isn't able to fix the issue in all cases as at least one player mentioned via social media.

    EA has stated it Cover 3 has proven to be one of the most sought-after choice of coverages among the Madden 22 userbase, and the new patch tries to enhance the experience on the basis of feedback. This patch is only one step in the initiative. EA will continue to make improvements to cheap Mut 22 coins pass coverage in flats and curl-flat areas in the coming update.