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RuneScape - Follow the tips that Cheezy offered to you

  • You can earn more when you purchase RuneScape gold logs rather as opposed to the yew longs(u). The cost that you are able to buy yewlongs (u) will decide the amount you will earn. But, it could take longer because of string X, and the requirement to earn more money from them as you would using logs made of yew.

    Are you suggesting I create the Maple Longbow(u), until I am able to create a the yew longbow (u) and then sell them? Do you suggest to make a string of the Yew longbow (u) and then turn it into a product that can be sold? You can also offer the Yew bow(u)'s.

    Follow the tips that Cheezy offered to you, if you're not interested in the experience itself but are concerned about the time you spend. I'm only 81, due to the fact that I stopped playing the game after a couple of months. In a strange twist one of my buddies joined after I had reached 70 flying. He beat me to the level of 99 flying.

    He took the approach he took since he was a skilled runecrafter. He purchased Essense in the past in the days when there was just one kind of essense that could be used that could be used for all runes. He would then create nature runes in huge amounts (usually 1000 per day) Then he would cut himself trees, select the flax, and then make his bowstrings. He followed the same method like me.

    It's not the best way to spend time however it lets us become self-sufficient and increase our profits. Sometimes, we even took the essence of ourselves. The process was slow but the cash was huge, and OSRS buy gold occasionally kept him from doing anything else (definitely was distracting us at times, lol).