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RuneScape - It took me a while to get it though

  • Reintroduction in 2011 of the wilderness and RuneScape gold, more importantly, the exclusion of Revenants from a dungeon was the reason I was able to escape. Since the players had never visited the area, it gave me to join the AFK Ice Warriors at the wilderness to earn 50kxp per day.

    It took me a while to get it though, as I couldn't bear to log in for longer than two hours even AFK. Then it happened in summer 2012 and I was happy to get it. In the same way, just after I got 99 Defense EOC, I killed clanning. I have never been able, therefore, to tank with my 99 defense. I was the last tanker in a fun battle between Sals Realm, and another clan. That war ended with me at 98 defense.

    Honorable mentions My 99th, sparks of fire. It was a tough 99 however I persevered and didn't give up. The art of firemaking is a 99 percent occupation and that's before even bonfires. Sals steel war games as well as snowball fights (air strike) were two of my favorite activities. This is probably due to the fact that I was a high ranking but not the top. The highest rank was always the top. This is enough for me. I'd like to hear your thoughts.

    My game-play accomplishments weren't much more than tedious grinding. I don't take any pride in these achievements. Although I am happy that I reached max melee and combat later on, I would not say I am proud of my achievements since I didn't require any thought, quick reflexes or other efforts. Nothing is more essential than patience, persistence, time and perseverance.

    But still if I had to choose one, it would be 99 Prayer I guess. Because I wasn't an expert in 2006-07, I didn’t believe I could even afford it. 99 Attack was also a nice experience as buy RS gold it was my first battle 99.