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RuneScape - There are stores which sell rare or exclusive items

  • There are stores which sell rare or exclusive items, like Faruq's tools and RuneScape gold games, Xuan Thessalia's clothing store, or Xuan, the Xuan's shop. Most stores that sell common gilinorians products are not used and do not need. Nowadays, nobody is going to sell gemstones to the jewel trader, or jewellery to the jewelry seller. Or go to taverly for Mithril IIh swords.

    What changes are feasible to make shops more efficient? What suggestions can you make to improve their useability? What are your thoughts on the other suggestions offered in this thread? A suggestion: I believe that clothing stores would be successful when they operated in the same way as Thessalia's. All no-stat clothing could become standard clothing. This would increase the number of people going to these stores, since the clothes that are standard are loved and valued by everyone. But, the clothes on top could hinder armour and other more important clothing.

    Hey, girls and guys! Tas here. Your friend once-in-a-while RSOF lurker. In any case! Let me tell you all about the fraud I was swindled and what you can do to prevent it. This is something I've never heard of before. However, I did my best to remember it and ensure that I did not let anyone else know about it.

    Don't fall for those who offer exorbitant prices on junk in large amounts. "Need 300 steel pickaxes! I'll buy them for 10k per one!" Ge. I had one or more steel pickaxes and the user bought them each for 10k, as promised.

    Thinking way more quickly than I ought to I rushed to my ge and tried to buy several thousand dollars more. They didn't purchase. And then didn't buy some more. So before I knew that I was able to crank up the price to the 2k, 3k, 4k range just to make the purchase, so that I could get that stupidly high profit that cheap OSRS gold this user was offering ("10k ea! You will need 300 pickaxes!