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RuneScape - If you replace your cloak with a Soul Wars Cape

  • There is plenty of RuneScape gold potential in Third age Druidic equipment I think that many have not considered. It stands out from the other sets. The complete set (including staff and cloak) gives a +31 prayer bonus and an increase of 28 magic attack bonuses and a +30 magical defense bonus.

    If you replace your cloak with a Soul Wars Cape (reward from Nomad’s Remem: +12 for prayer and +8 for all defense stats) Also, you can use a Zamorak/unholybook (+5 to pray +10 magic attack, or +15 magic defence) and an angry (+5-5 to prayer) and barrow gloves (+6 for magic attack) and infinity boot (+5 defense or magic attack) You'll also get a +47 Prayer Bonus and a magic bonus of +157 as well as an additional +61 bonus for magic.

    These are excellent stats to have when you want to use both prayer and magic at the same time. Full proselyte and the crozier are required in order to receive a +44 prayer bonus. There is only a tiny -28 bonus to attack magic, and a tiny +40 defense bonus to magic. Third Age Druidic gear is better than its rivals in terms of quality prayers and magic armor.

    Ice Strikeworms is a place where 3rd Age Druidic Gear would be most useful. But you'd still need to wear a Fire Cape. To prevent your life from ending, you can auto-cast fire surge or use the soul splitting prayer (which will heal you for 1/5 of your damage). This same strategy is good for all Runescape bosses.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that the Third Age Druidic equipment looks amazing and is also very attractive! These, plus all the other material will convince you that Third Age Druidic Druidic robes aren't as ugly as you think. You might even be able to, if you are extremely wealthy to purchase an entire set. Retirement We're sorry to old school runescape buy gold announce that effective immediately I will cease all work on RuneScoop. I'm also "retiring from RuneScape.