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Madden NFL 21 Stadia review Stadia performance and comparisons

  • The narrative mode this season, Face of Madden 22 coins the Franchise: Rise to Fame, is dreadful. Voice acting is bad across the board, character animations are stiff in cutscenes, and as things begin to get interesting it less or more ends and frees you into a merry-go-round of scripted moments throughout your career.

    The reality of Madden is that if you're craving an NFL football experience then you do not really have any other options. Buying the sport on Stadia could reveal EA there is interest in more of the sports titles coming to the platform, which is an overall great thing, it is just too poor Madden could not have a better entrance to function as its introduction. Now let us dive into the differences on Stadia.

    As is the standard now with the Stadia version of AAA games, it plays superbly and does not have any noticeable issues with lag or latency in case your link is good enough. Anytime you play Madden online kicking does suffer with minor latency issues, but that's the situation across all versions of this game -- not just Stadia. This year it is worse than normal so you should absolutely expect to overlook a couple of field objectives and extra points. They need to have changed the net code for how kicking is handled or something because even on PS4 and PS5 I was having problems hitting kicks just right and these problems persist in the Stadia variant.

    As per a SpeedTest I've got a 599Mbps download speed, 12Mbps upload rate, and 14ms of ping on Comcast XFINITY as I write this. Google recommends at 10Mbps download speed for 720p streaming, 20Mbps download rate for 1080p streaming, and at 35Mbps download rate for 4K streaming.

    As for me, I pay an excess fee to have unlimited data on my private home network. However, for buy mut coins madden 22 those without that option, data usage is a large factor for Stadia games.