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Rsgoldfast - This spell is a standard and powerful spell

  • Veneno will drop various items from rune to RuneScape gold dragon such as the DRAGON SCIMITAR and the DRAGON CHAINBODY. The chainbody is very rare, a lot less likely than KQ (even more than dust devils). She will also drop her powerful posion, which may only be dipped on a dagger and spear. Her sword isn't a drop.

    DL is the toughest child from the household to kill (Signore is your toughest to kill all together). His spells will strike you incredibly hard, they will probably 1 hit you in the event you don't possess a top mage defense. The charms are as followed: (note: most of maxes are like you were wearing d hide or something with a high magic defense. If wearing melee armor, then expect to be hit in the high 70s with all the spells).

    Legante's Might: This spell is a standard and powerful spell. If no magic protection prayer is on, it will hit until the 50's. That is his most frequent spell. Keep from magic will usually protect 100%, occasonally it will only shield 75%.

    Wave of the Letum: WotL will strike harder than Legante's Might, and can not be protected together with the mage prayer. He will strike you with this spell twice, so more than likely, you are DEAD. The telegrabbed staff can't be used, and if you do not get rid of it, DL will only telegrab it backagain. That means you must alch it. Low alchemy will not be able to alch the staff, so high alchemy is demanded. This procedure should be done immediatly because he respawns. Not paying attention could lead to the death of you or your staff.

    Paralyzation: Fairly straight forward, DL will send a wave of electric magic to youpersonally, and arbitrary members of your team. It causes no damage, but buy old school rs gold will shock you for 30 minutes.