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RuneScape - The highest tier is at level 90

  • You've already gathered an abundance of OSRS GP information about Aza, Fatia and Kamil and I'd add a few points: A player with maxed statistics like you ought to be looking to get the POP (Player owned ports ), the newest D & D) armours. These are available in two varietiesthat are superior and tradeable version or a slightly weaker, tradeable version. A major difference is that the version that can be traded is a dust-like substance that degrades.

    But, these armour sets take an SIGNIFICANT period of time in order to achieve. Till then, I'd suggest you use the Bandos and Armadyl you've kept in the bank. There isn't much to gain from buying Nex sets when you'll end up selling them shortly after you've received POP gear.

    Please be aware that all weapons and armor are now listed by level, in order of tier. Dragon needs 60, so it is Tier 60. Barrows are Tier 70. Each weapon of identical tiers share the same DPSwhich is why a scimitar rune is the same as a warhammer in the present. As well, all armor sets of the same level include the same lifepoint benefitand bonus lifepoints. Bandos armour has the same LP boost that Armadyl as well as the Robes of Subjugation give.

    Currently, the highest tier is at level 90. It is advisable to not hesitate in the slightest, and go to buy drygore mace. Personally I've saved over 100 million, starting from scratch, to purchase a drygore mace and it's been an enormous improvement. The Drygore mace I believe is the top choice due to two main reasons: the first being that it's a bit cheaper over other maces like the Rapier or Longsword as well as the fact that it offers a 9 prayer bonus.

    Another thing to know is the Combat Triangle is ULTIMATE today. It's a big difference what you're wearing and the style of attack you utilize, etc. Monsters generally have one specific weakness that they can exploit, and OSRS buy gold if you employ your own style of attack it's also quite effective.