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Madden 22 - The Cincinnati offense came out following

  • The Bengals did answer that Madden 22 coins touchdown drive by the Rams by scoring their own. Joe Burrow completed a pass to Tee Higgins, who tied the score at seven, however, L.A. quickly matched that score by driving down the field and Odell Beckham Jr. scoring a 7-yard touchdown passing for a 14-7 score.

    At this point in the game that the Bengals started to get left behind. The Cincinnati offense came out following that Beckham touchdown and was in a third-and-9 stance from their 24 yard line. After the ball was rolled out to his right, Burrow was sacked by Leonard Floyd and the football fell loose. Aaron Donald scooped it up and was able to rush to score the touchdown to bring the Rams in front 21-7. In the second quarter the running back Cam Akers would cap off another touchdown run to L.A. that would extend their lead by three scores.

    To their credit, the Bengals were able to show some determination in the first half even against the scoring assault of the Rams. They were able to locate the goal line with 50 seconds remaining before halftime to reduce the deficit to 14 points after Burrow was able to connect with Tyler Boyd.

    In similar fashion to the Chiefs forcing overtime against Buffalo with just 13 seconds remaining in the regulation phase of the divisional round the Rams were on the verge of a similar gut-punch. After the first play, which followed that Bengals score, and with 46 seconds left on the clock, Stafford completed a 73-yard touchdown to Jefferson to further make L.A. what proved to be an unbeatable advantage.

    In the second period, the Rams took advantage of the ground game while the Bengals offense stalled out and finally settled for unproven field goals. The game ultimately, we ended up with a 38-20 final in favor in favor of Los Angeles, who become the second team in Super Bowl history to buy Mut 22 coins win the championship at their home stadium.